Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Glam Gloves

As I mentioned before, the idea to make this silver beading into a shoe brooch did not pan out the way that I had hoped, only because I got carried away in my beading. I think I only stopped beading because I was running out of space on my Lacy's stiff stuff foundation. the finished piece was way to big too be used as a shoe brooch.
So I had to think of a plan B.
I decided against making this into a necklace or earring just because I didn't think the design worked and I didn't own any of the bits and pieces that I would have needed in order to make this into a necklace or earrings. I didn't have any jewelry making supplies at this point to really make this piece into anything for that matter! but I could use the piece as some sort of a patch and attach it to a garment of some sort.
I really love tops with embellished cuffs. So my first instinct was to sew it on the bottom of a long sleeved top. But then I thought that top is not going to be something I could use everyday and I was so proud of my work I really wanted to use it as much as I could.As luck would have it this whole process was going on through the winter time and so an idea took seed:
And so here is how the final product turned out:

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