Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Young Girl Reading: Jean Honore Fragonard

One of the hardest parts when making the resin cabochons for me was finding pictures to put into the resin. I looked through a bunch of magazines and books and websites to find paintings that I thought I could work with. My mom suggested this painting to me.

The painting is called Young Girl Reading by Jean Honore Fragonard. My mom had painted a copy of this painting and it hung on a wall in our house when I was very young. And maybe looking at this painting day in and day out is the reason why I love reading so much .I have to have a stack of books by the side of my bed and whenever that stack gets low I go into a state of panic and need to find some good books to read.
I took cue from the colours in the painting and tried to mimic them best as I could with the beads that I had. The girl is wearing what looks like a yellow taffeta dress so to continue on the rich feeling of the painting I went along with a gold and red bezel around the cab .I have to say the last row of size 15 gold seed beads are my favorite beads that I have gotten so far. They are tiny, perfectly uniform, and very round and look absolutely gorgeous and that is reflected in the price of them.

The gold flowery looking beads around the cabochon was something my mom had bought me ages ago for my work when I was in Uni and I never used them but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to incorporate them in a piece. I did a stacked stitch with the flowery gold beads and a size 15 gold seed beads around the cab. But before doing so I used a yellow marker to colour the Lacy’s stiff stuff foundation so that it would blend in more with the beads and so that the white wouldn’t poke through too much through the gaps.

I was going to add more beads around the work but nothing worked and I think if I had wanted the piece to be bigger I should have used the seed beads before adding the stacked row. But in order to just add in a little bit more width to the piece I went along with bigger beads to finish off the edge than my normal size 15 seed beads. In this case I alternated between the large gold beads and some faux pearls from an old necklace that I had never used .I was afraid that using alternating beads would be a problem and that I might end up with two beads of the same kind next to each other but the beads went around the piece perfectly without me having to readjust them. I am quite grateful for that :D!!


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