Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Wonderful Beading Book

I could only go so far trying to think of ways to bead. After a while just changing the colour of bead or the shape just wasn’t enough .i wanted to do something different than the two-bead back stitch. I went in search of some bead embroidery books and bought four different books .the books are all wonderful and have some gorgeous picture that can be used as inspiration but the book that I was most happy with and kept turning to has to be without a doubt “Dimensional Bead Embroidery “by Jamie Cloud Eakin. 

Not only is the book gorgeous, but also the instructions and techniques shown in the book are crystal clear. I am not usually good at following written instruction, as I am more of a visual person, but I found that it was very easy to follow the instructions and the diagrams that follow them.
There are hundreds of images in this book that help serve as great source of inspiration and the book feels really thorough, as in any type of stitching, bezeling, edging technique one might need to finish off a beading can be found in this book and then some. This book shows me that there are things that can be done with beading that I didn’t think were even possible.
I love this book and whenever I feel like I am in a creative rut and I don’t know what else to do in regards to beading I turn to this book and try and do one of the techniques in this book. The techniques present some great challenges to a beginner like me but they also help fuel that creative drive and make me keep going and doing even more. I really could not recommend this book enough!

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