Friday, August 3, 2012

More Glam Gloves!!

I really think the glove idea was a good idea and it is still something I would like to take further. That certainly was the case when I made the first pair. I was so pumped; I just had to make more. At that point I had traveled back to the UK for a little vacation and both my cousin and an old friend of mine said they loved the gloves so I decided to make a pair for each of them as well. So I traveled up to London to hit my favorite bead shop on Oxford Street. This place is so jam-packed with stuff it will drive you crazy. And no matter what you went in there to buy, you will come out buying more than you wanted and also some stuff you didn't think you needed. I literally go nuts in that store. 
The owners are from china and they do wholesale as a well and they are really helpful. I found them quite by chance when I was walking around oxford street and Berwick street looking for bits and bobs for my final collection for school and I needed studs and I needed loads of them and they got them for me fairly quickly, so nowadays if I am back in the UK and I want some beads, sequins, stones or trims I just go straight to them.
After an hour or so of going through all the trays I bought some things I was happy with and this is what I came up with:

I have to say these gloves were the perfect accessory for winter as they just added a lot of sparkle to an otherwise dreary winter and I ended up making quite a few of them for friends and family.this second pair I made for my mom :

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