Monday, August 6, 2012

Lady In Blue Dress Brooch

I have ordered so many pin backs that I have no choice but to keep making brooches But the time has to come to move on to a different colour! The colour of choice this round: Blue!!

After making the glitter resin cabochon I decided to make some more cabs but this time with pictures in them. If you have made resin pieces before then you know that you can’t mix resin for just one or two pieces. I made a small batch but I still managed to make quite a few cabs in one go.32 to be exact. the only thing with making resin cabs is the wait time and not knowing whether they will come out perfectly each time. I am a bit impatient and having to wait 24 hours to see if everything looks Ok is somewhat of a torture. And there is nothing more frustrating than going through all that and seeing specs of glitter that you didn’t notice stuck on the centre of the picture in the cabochon or seeing watermarks where resin has seeped through the picture.

The picture in this cab is a painting by Jon Whitcomb and is apparently called “ Glamorous blonde lady in blue evening dress” but I cannot be sure about that as I couldn’t find much info on this painting anywhere.

I kept the beading around this cab very simple. I did a peyote stitch bezel around the cab followed by two rows of size 15/0 seed beads and for a little bit of added interest instead of going all the way around the cab as I usually do I decided to use some of the other blue beads that I had just recently purchased from Michaels on the bottom part of the brooch. I used a two-bead backstitch all the way around to sew the beads on. After gluing on the pin back and the Ultrasuede backing I did a simple clean edge to finish off the brooch.

List of materials used:

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